Sandaikichu Judan Shihan Jesus N. BonillaThe Hakkoryu Ryuko Dojo - Martial Arts Training Health Center has diversified its teachings to cover a more comprehensive form of self-defense. The school was first established in Bayamon Puerto Rico and has since expanded to Portland, Oregon in May of 2015 and Kyle Texas in 2022 by Sandaikichu Judan Shihan Jesus N. Bonilla.

IMG 1680The Hakkoryu Ryuko Dojo is located in Texas near Austin. Taught by Sandaikichu Shihan Hachidan Jesus N Bonilla as the direct representative from the founder of the Hakkoryu Hombu Dojo, Ryuho Okuyama. As one of the few locations officially recognized and authorized to teach Hakkoryu Jujutsu & Koho Shiatsu Igaku (finger pressure therapy) outside of Japan, no place is better to recieve the training and discipline of Martial Arts.

Organization Outside Of Japan

With Nidai Ryuho OkyuyamaThe prominent feature of Hakkoryu Jujutsu is to totally abandon physical power, to relax completely, and then apply techniques to opponents in order to defend oneself. Most other martial arts commonly aim to defeat or destroy an opponent, but Hakkoryu’s exponents, while completely relaxed, uses the attacker’s force and strikes a vital point on Keiraku to instantly freeze, stop, pin down, and/or control the movement of the opponent. As most everyone knows, in a Judo match, a physically smaller person experiences great difficulty in winning a match if he encounters an opponent of much larger size. Hakkoryu has no problem with such physical differences. In Hakkoryu, gentle, swift, and efficient maneuvers reign supreme over hardness, strength and body size.

team 00Began in 1970, when Mr. Sasakawa, a Japanese multimillionaire, and Jacques Delcourt, the French president of karate, decided to establish the first world karate organization. Ryoichi Sasakawa can be considered the true father of karate in the world: it is mainly thanks to his support that this discipline, from 1970s until today, has boomed. In 1990 the WUKO&AD should have merged with the Itkf, traditional karate organization, to obtain the recognition of the IOC, International Olympic Committee. For various reasons the merger didn't take place and the IOC recognized only the Wuko, provided that the name was abandoned.